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  • 52 Weeks: Big Mario’s Pizza, Seattle, WA – “This is the best pizza in Seattle- hands down…With the addition of Seattle’s dedication to craft beer,  I must say, I am in love. From here on out, this is the place in Seattle that I will turn to and satisfy my pizza craving.” – The Seattle PI
  • Big Mario’s New Dive – “the good news is that Big Mario’s pizza is actually good.” – The Stranger
  • Big Mario’s Serves Late Night Slices (and 40’s) With Little Attitude – “We’re not assholes,” the guy behind the counter proudly announces. “We’re rad.” That they are.” – The Seattle Weekly
  • Yo, Big Mario! Gimme a piece of that pizza-pie!At Big Mario’s, you can buy your pie whole or by the slice, there’s a full bar, plenty of beer, and a walk-up window open till 2 a.m. — 4 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays” – The Seattle Times
  • Big Mario’s vs Z Pizza – “Comparing Big Mario’s Pizza to Z Pizza is like comparing an organic salad to a delicious T-bone steak…As soon as I took the first bite it was as if someone was throwing a surprise party for George Clinton in my mouth. The best part: everyone was invited. The pizza, like an MTV spring break special, was hot, oily and delicious….Given the factors of price, taste and general mood, I must unequivocally choose Big Mario’s Pizza as the victor.” – Seattle U Spectator
  • Seatte’s Best Booths – “there is something special about the mirrors right above them, two perpendicular walls of reflectiveness, so that you can see all the people in the place at any moment, and even if you’re facing the back of the room, you can see what’s happening out the front windows. As for the pizza, get the pepperoni…” -The Stranger